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    Sending and Getting Text From Server

      The Rich Text Box in Flex 2 is highly functional but for two things, one. You can't indent a paragraph. And two, how do you save the text that's in the box and get it back should you need it? Is there any code from ActionScript probably that allows the get and send back and forth to and from the server ... or some other script, maybe?

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          ntsiii Level 3
          First, this forum is for Flex Builder 2 questions. Flex Language questions should be posted in General Discussion.

          Yeah, the htmlText property supports such a small subset of html. You have to really need it to be willing to put up with its limitations.

          There is no automatic server communication built in to Flex. You must use one of the RPC protocols addressed to some back-end platform functionality. I like HTTPService.

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            load a new Object()
            with your post data

            create the new URLRequest and then:
            request.method = URLRequestMethod.POST
            request.data = new URLVariables( convert your postdata object to string);

            create the new URLLoader and attach your complete handler to Event.Complete

            using the loader.load(request);

            and wait for it to call back the handler you attached.