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    Rowby's Raid Ready to Fine Tune

    rowby Level 1

      Well now that I have my raid ready, I'm itching to get CS5 installed.

      But I guess that will have to wait until I fine tune the raid.


      I've read  Harm's articles about deviding the activity but am not exactly sure how to do it -- I have a Raid3.  But beyond that I am clueless.


      I'll read more of Harm's articles.


      But perhaps you have a QUICK START (or a quick start link)  so I can go Click click click and then it's all finished and I can install CS5!




      While I figure out how to do the swap file etc.  I installed CS5 and am now downloading the update.   I already hacked the video file to include my "unsupported" GTX480 card.   Updating the Master Collelction (I don't have the creative collection installed yet).  to Premiere CS5 5.0.1   .


      So as soon as the CS5 upgrade finishes (about 45 minutes) I'm going to STACK some videos on the timeline.  And probably for fun do the benchmark to see how my untweaked system looks.