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    Issues with video in Flash (pauses, interactivity, etc)

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      Hi. I hope someone can help me out with this.


      I have a rendered video sequence that consists of an intro, a section that is intended to loop indefinitely, and a conclusion.


      The intention is that I bring the three clips into Flash, have the first one play, and when it's done, play the second one, and keep looping it until a button is hit, and then play the third.


      I've got it all set up and coded, but there's a few problems.


      Main one is the pause when the second video returns to its first frame when looping back.


      The structure of the Flash project is:


      Preloader sequence


      Single frame containing a movieclip version of the first video and a this.stop(); code


      (The movie clip of the first footage has code at the end of its timeline telling it to gotoAndPlay("Loop"), which is the label of the next frame after the Intro frame and stop code mentioned above)


      In the next frame ("Loop"), there's about 30 frames or so, with the Loop footage movie clip (as a 30 frame segment with a single keyframe at the start of it), and vector animation of buttons flying in.  At the end of this 30 frames is a this.stop(); code.  So, the timeline plays through, the buttons fly in, and the Loop movie play (and continues to play even after the 30th frame of the main timeline is reached, and the stop is executed).


      The Loop movie clip loops because there is no stop at the end of it's timeline.


      The buttons are coded so that pressing them make the main timeline jump to the Conclusion section (the next frame after the end of the 30 frame Loop section)


      That's how I set it up... I'm sure there's better ways to do it, but that seemed the most logical to me, from what I do know of Flash.  Only big issue is the pause that occurs when the timeline loops back.


      Any way around this?


      (Using Adobe Flash CS3)



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          Laer2 Level 1

          If you have a video embedded into the swf timeline, is it unavoidable that there is a pause when it loops back?


          Why IS there a pause?  It's no like there's a physical read head that has to move, and by the time of the loop, it wouldn't be an issue of it having to download the frames... even IF it weren't preloaded at the start.  So, I'm curious what that pause IS caused by.... (and how to get rid of it, if possible).