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    Dropdowns on comboboxes not updating properly

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      I have been experiencing this problem for some time now - the comboboxes in my Flex 4 application aren't changing to match the comboboxes' dataproviders.  In other words, when a dataprovider changes for a combobox, the combobox's dropdown may still display data from the last dataprovider.  This problem is intermittent and inconsistent.  It seems to also be a problem for itemrenderer comboboxes inside datagrids, when the datagrids are sorted, or when the datagrids' dataproviders are changed.


      I've tried doing various invalidate methods / validateNow() on the comboboxes, and it doesn't update the dropdowns.


      Any help will be greatly appreciated

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          Flex harUI Adobe Employee

          This is a known issue in the 3.5 SDK.  I thought it was fixed for 4.0 before

          we shipped.

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            SOGC Level 1

            Ah - I am using the 3.5 SDK.


            I'm afraid to switch to 10.0, as there will be people out there with Flash player 9.0, that will be forced to update their player, before viewing the site.


            Is my concern valid, or do most people have version 10?

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              Flex harUI Adobe Employee

              10.0 has significant penetration.  But there will be a 3.6 in a month or two

              if you have time to play safe.

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                The issue can be fixed by updating the dropdown also along with the combobox. PFB a sample code snippet,


                cmbSample.dataProvider = acData;

                cmbSample.dropdown.dataProvider = acData;



                cmbSample --> is the combo box

                acData --> is the arraycollection object with data




                cmbSample.dataProvider = acData --> updates the combobox with new data




                cmbSample.dropdown.dataProvider = acData --> updates the drop down of the combo box with new data


                Hope this will solve your issue.

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                  SOGC Level 1

                  Thanks, arunbiji - I just updated the compiler to 4.0, and many problematic items that I've noticed in the past have been resolved

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                    Thank you for posting this solution arunbiji, however, this workaround is at best problematic.


                    It seems that when setting the dataProvider for both the ComboBox and the dropdown, the dropdown's width is not set correctly.


                    I've tried every combination of invalidateDisplayList(), invalidateSize(), invalidateProperties(), and invalidateList() on both the ComboBox and the dropdown to no avail.


                    I'm currently working around this by setting the dropdown's percentWidth to 100, but this is mostly dissapointing as the dropdown will be scaled to sizes smaller than the corresponding ComboBox to match the text width.  I've also tried using comboBox.dropdown.width = comboBox.width, but this again provides unexpected results, sometimes setting the width of the dropdown to something greater than that the ComboBox!


                    I would love to move to SDK 4, unfortunately, flash player 10 saturation among my organization's clientele is not where it needs to be, and due to the size of their user bases, updating is a prohibitive process.  Also, the move could potentially require a significant amount of rebuild, which may not be in the budget for my department.


                    Has anyone had success with setting the dataProvider for both the comboBox and the dropDown AND having the dropDown scale correctly? If so, can you please describe the workaround you've used?


                    Question to the adobe gurus: will updating from SDK 3.5 to 4.0 resolve the issue without moving to spark components (ie - can I release a version using SDK 4's halo components for those clients who do upgrade to FP 10?), or will the app have to be updated to use the spark component set in order to function as desired?  Would updating to one of the nightly 3.x builds help us resolve this issue?


                    Many thanks.

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                      I found this problematic as well, but if you bind your ComboBox's dataProvider to an ArrayCollection, and then update that ArrayCollection with your new values, invalidateSize of the ComboBox, then everything works fine.  The problem comes with setting a new dataProvider on the controls.


                      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

                      <mx:Application xmlns:mx="http://www.adobe.com/2006/mxml" layout="vertical">




                                  import mx.collections.ArrayCollection;



                                  private var myAC:ArrayCollection = new ArrayCollection( [ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ] );

                                  private var newAC:ArrayCollection = new ArrayCollection( [ "item 11", "item 12", "item 13", "item 14",  "item 15" ] );


                                  private function changeDataProvider():void




                                      for each ( var item:* in newAC )


                                          myAC.addItem( item );



                                      myAC.refresh(); /* don't necessarily need to do this here, but it's good practice when updating an ArrayCollection */




                                  // this will duplicate the clipping/resizing issue brought up.

                                  // to see how this works, call this instead of "changeDataProvider" in the click handler of the button

                                  private function changeDataProviderBad():void


                                      myComboBox.dataProvider = newAC;

                                      myComboBox.dropdown.dataProvider = newAC;






                          <mx:Button label="Change Data" click="changeDataProvider()" />

                          <mx:ComboBox id="myComboBox" dataProvider="{ myAC }" />




                      Hope that helps!


                      - Kevin

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                        sss999sss Level 1

                        Thanks arunbiji, its working. Great............