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    Trim Monitor Crash


      I'm having a very stupid problem.  I'll open the trim monitor to fine tune an edit, close it out, and Premiere immediately crashes.  This has happened five times in a row now.  Everything else seems to be running fine.  I can place clips on the timeline, I can shorten them, drag them around, whatever I want.  But each time I open and then close the trim monitor, Premiere crashes.


      Help please?

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          I don't use the trim monitor...I've used it in a "tutorial" ...to learn how to use it, but found it wasn't all that helpful for my purposes...but anyway, do you have the latest video drivers for your video card ?

          Give some more info about your computer and video card and footage on timeline etc...as much info as you can give..



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            matt.m. Level 1

            Thanks for replying Robodog.


            Here's the specs:



            Intel Core 2 Quad 2.33 Ghz

            8g Ram

            Nvidia GeForce GT 120

            Vista 64


            .m2t files shot w/ an XHA-1 and captured w/ HDV Split.


            I just tried upgrading my video card drivers and that didn't do anything.  Premiere still crashes when I close out of the Trim Monitor.  Maybe "crashes" isn't exactly the right word.  It just freezes up, goes to "not responding" and I eventually have to close it out.

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              This is a shot in the dark based on google search of your video card and problems with it...soooo, maybe it will do the trick but maybe not...


              If NOT...then I'm probably over my head and I would hope some of the REAL experts here can help you out....


              Try turning OpenGL on or off...and if you have a setting in your video card software to "let the program" decide how to handle the card settings...make that choice....


              Try turning hardware acceleration on or off...


              It's probably right clik desktop, properties, settings, advanced...to get to your card software...something like that..  I use XP...sooo, its slightly different.


              Make sure you have at least DirectX version 9...  run dxdiag.exe to see what you got...and you can use that to "test" various functions of your card....you ever do this ??? know how ?? it should be self explanatory once you run Dxdiag.exe...



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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                With a program crash, there is often a "breadcrumb trail" left behind. This ARTICLE will give you some tips in sifting through those breadcrumbs to find clues as to what is going on, when you get the crash. If you are unable to find clues, look down the article to the link at the bottom, The Case of the Unexplained.


                This ARTICLE might prove useful for setting up one's computer for an editing session. If you have Win7, please pay attention to the link to BlackViper's Web site, down-thread a bit.


                Good luck,



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                  matt.m. Level 1

                  Well, guys.  Thanks for your help.  I tried running dxdiag, etc, and couldn't find any issues. I even tried reinstalling Premiere and it still didn't work.  I decided to restore my system back to an earlier point (6/10) and that seemed to do it.  So the freeze must have been happening due to a Windows update, or the flash player update that just recently came out.  I have absolutely no idea, but now it works, and I'm going to refrain from downloading anymore updates.  I only use this computer for editing anyway.


                  Thanks again.

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                    One thing to consider is that even a simple OS update, or hot-fix, can kill a video (or audio) driver instantly. As PrPro interfaces with these drivers, more than almost any other program, it will fail.


                    I keep all programs, including my OS, updates to full-manual, so I have no surprises. If I get some updates and hot-fixes, I anticipate a video, and an audio driver update coming.


                    Good luck,



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                      Am having same Trim Monitor crash problem.  Using an HP Z400 with NVIDIA Quadro FX3800, Vista 64-bit, Directx 11.  All diagnostics for DirectX check good.


                      Oh Well...

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                        the_wine_snob Level 9

                        What is the number/date of your nVidia driver?


                        Good luck,



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                          SanibelBob Level 1

                          Bob Sheldon


                          Dr. Hunt

                          Thanks for your help!!!


                          Driver date:  7/9/2010


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                            I know this is an old post but I just recently installed CS5 to work on a DSLR project and I'm having this exact same issue with the trim monitor.


                            I'm running Vista64 with the latest updates,

                            an nVidia GTX 285 with the latest available driver

                            Asus P6T Mobo

                            i7 920 processor

                            12GB ram

                            2 TB Raid 0 media drive (separate from the OS.)


                            I'd roll back windows but based on this post, I'd have to roll it back nearly a year and I'm concerned what havoc that may wreak.  Any other suggestions?

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                              SanibelBob Level 1


                              I wish I had some, but I still have the same problem as before, despite

                              XP-64 upgrades and patches issued since then.


                              Stay in touch..