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    After Effects does not recognize correct system resources


      On my computer at work, I have After Effects CS4 and After Effects CS3. The computer is a 2x2.66 GHz Quad Core Intel Xeon with 8 gigs of ram running OSX 10.5.6.


      Both versions of After Effects can only see/use 1.7 gigs of ram. My understanding is that After Effects should see as available 3 gigs of ram. (On the identical computer at home I can in fact see 3 gigs of ram.)


      I need the maximum resources when working since I need to do longer HD ram previews. In addition at this low memory setting the software does not run right, with multiple memory crashes that should not be happening -- the kind of things that happen when you have insufficient system resources to run a program. I'm an advanced user who has been using this software for over 15 years -- it's not operator error.


      I'm hoping someone has some suggestions of things I can do to alleviate this bug.


      [As an additional note, the multiprocessing option is also telling me I have 16 processors, when I have only 8.]