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    InDesign - CS Extension panel icons

    Anastasiy Safari Level 1



      I'm experiencing the very strange issue - the icons for my extension panel are not displayed at all in InDesign - unless I rename them to Kuler's icons:

      PP_kulerIcon_R.png & PP_kulerIcon_N.png. If I rename them to, for example, to PP_kulerIcon1_R.png & PP_kulerIcon_N.png - in rollover state instead of my icon, the default "folder with a brick" icon will be displayed (instead of PP_kulerIcon1_R.png).


      There's no such problem in Photoshop or Illustrator - in these programs the extension icon is being displayed correctly.

      Only in InDesign. I install the extension from Extension Manager and specify icons with

                  <Icon Type="Normal">./PP_kulerIcon1_N.png</Icon>
                  <Icon Type="RollOver">./PP_kulerIcon_R.png</Icon>


      Is it a bug, or is it a bug in my eyes?


      Thank you