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    Stroke and fill problem/question in CS3




      I'm making a map in Flash CS3. I made a sort of wireframe of different regions (over 100) with pen tool so I got a lot of strokes (imagine a map of US for example.. all the borders are strokes, the states are fills). The problem I got is that if I want to convert storkes to fills almost all the strokes disappear. Ok, that's a no-go I guess. Than I wanted to copy just fills and realized that half of a stroke is actually over a fill so if I delete all the strokes all that is left is just one huge solid fill.. no borders where the strokes were. Is there any solution or workaround or preferences option to solve this problem? I want to make a button which dimensions are exactly the same as dimensions of the visible fill (not a little bit larger). I hope somebody understands what I wanted to say