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    Need help figuring out why this works in cs3 but not cs4


      Ok, so I am using cs4 and working on a tutorial from the Photoshop Top Secret tutorials dvd.  I am working on a project called Dream skin, and am on the part where I am taking a drawing of a flat shape and making it look more 3d, rounded with a bevel. It is the metal on the girls face in this picture...

      http://www.webversive.com/UltimateStudio/gallery/DreamSkin_final_600.jpg  as you can see the metal the face henna is made of looks to be convex, with a smooth rounded raised shape that bevels down to the skin.


      The tutorial is using cs3, I fallow the steps exactly but mine comes out like this at this link



      This of course is before it is cut from background but you can see although mine still has a bevel it has a sharp edge where it connects with

      the top, and the top is totally flat.


      I followed the steps in the tutorial video exactly, even set values in bluring, lighting, and leveling exactly the same.  Something must have changed in cs4, Anyone know how I can get a smooth rounded look rather than this raised boxy look?    Below are the steps in the video for this part, i will list them and where I saw the first problem....


      1. Selected layer with design (Henna) only on it.  select / select all / edit / copy

      2. now clicked channels tab / new channels button / edit / paste / edit / fill / fill white / ok / select / deselect.

      3. now make a new copy of this channel (alpha 1), Drag (alpha 1) down to new channel button now creating (alpha 1 copy 1)

      4.Now to blur (a1c1). Filter / blur / Gaussian blur / adjust.. To 4.5%

      5. (to thicken edges more) Image / Adjustments / levels / ( set levels to  48  110  81 )

      6. Now i duplicate this layer by dragging it to new layer button creating (a1c2)

      7. Now blur this new layer ... Filter / blur / Gaussian Blur/ set to 8.2%

      8. I was now to load (a1c1) contents to this new layer/channel (a1c2)

            This was done by leaving (a1c2) channel shaded then CTRL + Click on (a1c1) contents to make the shape highlighted/active

      9. At this point I am instructed to go to Edit / Fill / Black / ok / Deselect.   >>>>

      This is where I seen the first difference on my screen compaired to the one on the video, on the video the shape of the henna is solid white with

      a dark outline, but on my screen it is just the opposite, black with a white outline.


      I think this is where the problem is occuring,  Now I tried going back and doing a white fill instead of a black and it comes out like so....

      http://i133.photobucket.com/albums/q43/randallembers11/flat2.jpg  A little different but still flat and boxy.   If anyone knows how to get around this or how to get the desired effect please point me in the right direction.


      Below are the rest of the steps from step 9 if anyone wants to try it or need the info..


      10. Click RGB channel / Layers Tab / add a new layer to top of project layers / fill this layer with a grey color / Filter / Render / Lighting Effects.

      11. in lighting effects, lighting type is Omni, Intensity about 34, set a golden color, metal and shine all the way up, and on the bottom choose

           Alpha 1 copy 2 in the drop down menu and click OK to take a look.


      Oh and this is the henna before putting it into the channels at step 1 



      And here was my finished project, It would have been much better If I could of actually got the proper shape. 




      Ya, so if anyone knows what I am doing wrong or how to correct it please chime in, Thanks