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    RTMP Brightcove

    Nicolas Siver Level 1

      RTMP link: rtmp://brightcove.fcod.llnwd.net/a500/d10/&media/43787681001/43787681001_72275022001_Jour ney-into-the-centuries-Hadassa-Video-Upload&1277899200000&1b66ae349f2feeecdce5285d9be1d1ae



      Error: The specified capability is not currently supported
          at org.osmf.media::MediaPlayer/getTraitOrThrow()
          at org.osmf.media::MediaPlayer/play()
          at com.nicolasprof.pmp.display::Controls/play()
          at com.nicolasprof.pmp.display::Controls/onClickStart()


      As I remember OSMF nicely works with RTMP.

      Is it problem of link parsing? Better say, is it bug?

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          Nicolas Siver Level 1

          Ok. I checked rexExps and all ok.

          Now I am checking MediaPlayerState and what I have (waiting for ready state):




          Any suggestions? Can I have this problem because of some restrictions of access?

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            Bob Wohl

            Yes, it would be from restricted access. If trying to play this stream in a

            normal player where you can see the netStatus events you will notice

            the NetConnection.Connect.Rejected.


            You may want to talk directly with Brightcove on how to handle their URLs.

            OSMF does not natively handle this and you will need to write their

            methodology into your player.