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    Lightroom 2.7 imports my EOS7D photos with weird color flattening


      I originally posted this on the Lightroom Forums and a user there (Beat) recommended that I should post this here. Here is my issue:


      I decided to try and shoot some color optic fiber strands in  pitch dark. These are early attempts, quite rough, and it's my  first try at this kind of subject.


      But as I was importing the RAW  files in Lightroom, I noticed something not very cool. Whereas the  photos seen on the camera have a varied color palette (blue, purple,  even borderline red) the photo once imported in Lightroom looks uniformy  blue.


      Beat suggested that I should upload one of the RAWs, which I have done here: http://harmonica.typepad.com/IMG_1707.CR2


      He also extracted a variety of jpegs that I'm reposting here with his comments.


      Any help would be most welcome, since I'm kinda stuck on this one...




      [quote author=b_gossweiler link=topic=10193.msg69491#msg69491 date=1277862847]
      This seems indeed strange. Chosing the camera profile "Camera Standard" (first image) takes you a little closer to what the JPEG-Preview shows (second image), but the reds are still missing. "Adobe Standard" (third image) is actually the worst representation. I've also tried LR3, which pretty much shows the same effects.


      If I were you, I would post this (including the link to the CR2) in the [url=http://forums.adobe.com/community/cameraraw?view=overview]Adobe Camera Raw Forum[/url], with a little luck Eric (an ACR developer) will have a look at it and give his (expert-) oppinion on the subject.




      Camera Standard:


      JPG Preview:


      Adobe Standard: