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    Animation Panel


      I'm presently working with the trial version of CS5 while my work sorts out my new laptop and licence.


      One thing, hopefully simple, that is confusing me is that I can't find the animation panel. I would like to be able to apply motion presets while changing the properties of the preset. E.g. have a bounce over a longer time, with a shorter vertical drop, etc. Help files say to use the animation panel, Window > Interactive > Animation.


      But I can't find this. If I look in my Windows menu, I can't find a submenu called "Interactive". How can I find this panel?

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          jendehaan Level 4

          That sounds like InDesign help. For Flash, go to Window > Motion Presets to find the presets.

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            UbIwerks Level 1

            Thanks. I see what I've done. It does seem a bit confusing that the InDesign help comes up inside Flash though.


            But, I've been using the Motion Presets panel. The problem I have is that I can't scale the motion presets for total "size" of the animation or length (in time) of the animation. This means that if I have a small stage size, most motion presets will animate my symbol right off the screen. Is there an easy way to adjust the range (x, y) or time of the animations in the motion presets?

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              jendehaan Level 4

              Yep. After you apply the preset, it's a regular tween so you can adjust them the same way.


              To change the position or size of the motion path, select it on the stage - you will see the path highlighted. Then you can move it, or scale it using the Free Transform tool, or using the hot text values for the path in the Property inspector.

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