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    Dynamic Referencing in AS3.0

      I am writing an application that allows the user to choose a subset of the data that will be displayed to them. I have eight checkboxes on the stage ("check1" - "check8") and each checkbox relates to a particular XMLList (xmlLogic, xmlSetTheory, xmlPredCalc, etc.). I put together an array of the possible xmlList variable names and was planning on using that to feed the data into one big xmlList so that I could randomize from the sets selected by the user; i.e., if a user chose only Logic then they'd get a randomized set from the logic XMLList. If they chose Logic and Set Theory, then they'd get a single random list from the list of both xmlLogic and xmlSets, and so on.

      I cannot, however, get Flash to dynamically reference the xmlList data from the array of strings. Is there any way to do this? Note: I've not got this in classes right now, though if that's the only solution, I'm willing to go that way.