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    Issues with States


      Hello all -


      I am trying to access an item  that is a child of a group that is included in a state, when that state has never been set.


      So given the code below:


                <!-- Group 1-->
                  <s:Group  includeIn="State2" left="0" right="0">
                      <s:VGroup id="vgroup1" />
                  <!-- Group 2-->
                  <s:Group includeIn="State1" >
                      <mx:ViewStack id="viewStack1" />


      When in the app starts in 'State2', but when i add certain objects to vgroup1 I need to add it to viewstack1 also. Unfortuneatly, viewStack1 is coming up as null.

      I have tried the following with no luck:


      creationPolicy = all


      Anyone have any thoughts?  Thanks in advanced.