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    Adobe Trojan


      After I was able to follow instructions From Other Sites regarding the Trojan that Adobe dropped in my lap last Friday, (hours before one of the busiest weekends of my career), I see that yesterday, Adobe showed up for work on Monday and sent me some kind of "update".


      Naturally, it did not load.


      I see this morning, Adobe has sent another "update", (or perhaps the same one resent).


      I was just wondering if this little bit-bomb sitting in my tray is as explosive as that ugly monster Adobe gave me last Friday.


      In other words, is this update safe?

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          ~graffiti Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Hard to say. The last one was safe. This is the first I've heard of any specific problem with the last update.

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            pwillener Level 8

            meridethtohayes1 wrote:


            Adobe has sent another "update"...


            How did Adobe "send" an update to you?  If it was by email, you can be 100% sure that it is not from Adobe!


            If the Adobe Updater alerted you (check your Task Manager), then it is legitimate.

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              vbhv_malik Level 1

              Could not understand your problem.

              What version of Reader is there on your machine?

              What is the title of the update popup you are receiving continuously? If it says "Adobe Reader Updater", you should update your reader with that update.

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                meridethtohayes1 Level 1

                These are legitimate updates.


                The one I received Friday has a Lot of attention across the web, with other forums.








                     A Bing search reveals that apparently, I am not the only one:




                     I received the Original Update last Friday, another Update that did not load on Monday, and since, I have received another Update which I have not tried to install for obvious reasons.



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                  meridethtohayes1 Level 1

                  Hello vbhv;


                  I currently have Both Adobe Reader Version 8.0 and now Adobe Reader 9.0.


                  Last Friday, as I watched the update/installation for 9.0 that I received from Adobe, I noticed a message saying that it was deleting the older version while it was updating.


                  Shortly thereafter, I received the message/warning that I had a Trojan, traced to Adobe 8.0.


                  Which was Supposed to have been deleted during the Adobe Update.


                  I Tried to Remove the Adobe Reader 8 through Add/Remove, but I get a message saying that it cannot be removed, so I am sitting here with Adobe Reader 8 and 9.


                  At some point, I read in a Help Forum, (NOT affiliated with Adobe), that if you go to Adobe and install The Very Latest Update, it will take care of the Trojan. Keep in mind that my computer was rather slow, and this process (searching help forums, etc) took no less than 20 hours.


                  I was finally able to download the very latest update and it apparently worked. No Problem at all.


                  So, MONDAY, I receive and auto-update from Adobe, which I try to install, but it was unsuccessful.


                  Since then, I have received another automatic update, which simmers in my tray...And I am wondering if I should attempt to install it.


                  This is my question: Is there any known anomaly with the update, and is it safe to install?


                  Thank you.

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                    ARM2705 Adobe Employee

                    To see what this update is, you will have to click on the sys tray icon whose pop up says "Update is ready to install" and it should bring up a "Adobe Reader Updater" dialog with a "details" link. Click on the "details" link, which should take you to some URL and the page will have information regarding the update.

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                      ~graffiti Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      meridethtohayes1 wrote:








                           A Bing search reveals that apparently, I am not the only one:


                           http://www.bing.com/search?q=adobe+trojan.Win32.Vilsel.aift&src=IE-SearchBox&For m=IE8SRC



                      Sounds like a false positive to me. What gives the impression that it is an actual trojan other than the warning from your AV software?

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                        meridethtohayes1 Level 1

                        Thanks, Subrato--I will do that!

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                          meridethtohayes1 Level 1

                          Because Friday Morning, after I installed the Adobe Update, my Kaspersky Internet Security program alterted me. I do not believe my Kaspersky program has done that in the past two years. I cahsed down the Kaspersky report to see that it indicated Adobe Reader 8.


                          The fact that my computer slowed to Almost Nothing indicated that something more important than a False Positive was unfolding.


                          As someone in a help forum (Not associated with Adobe) suggested, I went to the Adobe site and downloaded The Very Latest update, which he suggested would clear the problem up. It worked.


                          Since Monday Morning, I have received two auto updates from Adobe. The first one Did Not Load.


                          I received another, (or perhaps the same one re-auto-updated), which I Will Not Open Until I Am Sure It Is Safe.


                          So...Again, my question is:


                          Is the update from Adobe Safe to Install?


                          Thank you.

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                            meridethtohayes1 Level 1

                            Thank you, Sabrato Namata!


                            I clicked the "Details" link you described to see a lot of information regarding Advisories and Adobe's sped-up links.


                            I am beginning to think that the reason that Monday's update did not install was because during the weekend, I read that to repair the damage, I had to install The Very Latest update from Adobe, which I did. Maybe because I already have it, it would not load.


                            But this latest update is a gamble, and I am quite certain I am not alone when it comes to wondering what will happen--Because of what happened Friday.


                            I cannot believe that Adobe didn't more aggressively alert customers!


                            It reminds me of the New York Times story This Week about a computer kingpin whose name rhymes with "Oh well", whose entire crew is neck-deep in accusations of Willful Neglect, regarding Not Alerting Customers as to problems. No disrespect, but There Might Be a Lesson for Adobe in that story.


                            I very much appreciate your help, Sabrato!


                            I will wait to see if anyone else is bombed by this update before I go ahead and install it--But you have cleared up a lot of questions I had, when no one else would or could.