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    I am trying to use GoDaddy's gdform.php for a form mailer in Flash CS4. Can anybody help with coding


      Hello Everyone,


      I am starting to learn Flash and created a form mailer for a website I am working on.  The following code is what I have in AS3.0 and it all loads fine in the web browser, but I do not receive the email with the info.


      var address:String = "gdform.php";
      var url:URLRequest;
      var variables:URLVariables = new URLVariables ();
      variables.subject = "New Fighter Profile";


      function sendForm(event:MouseEvent):void{
          variables.FirstName = firstname_txt.text;
          variables.LastName = lastname_txt.text;
          variables.Birthdate = birthdate_txt.text;
          variables.Nickname = nickname_txt.text;
          variables.HeightFt = hft_txt.text;
          variables.HeightIn = hin_txt.text;
          variables.Weightclass = weightclass_txt.text;
          variables.RecWins = wins_txt.text;
          variables.RecWins = losses_txt.text;
          variables.Debut = debut_txt.text;
          variables.Hometown = hometown_txt.text;
          variables.FightClub = fightclub_txt.text;
          variables.Styles = styles_txt.text;
          variables.Email = email_txt.text;
          variables.Bio = bio_txt.text;
          url = new URLRequest (address);
          url.method = URLRequestMethod.POST;
          url.data = variables;
          navigateToURL (url);
          var reqThanks:URLRequest=new URLRequest("thanks.html");
          var reqHome:URLRequest=new URLRequest("index.html");



      Please Help!