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    CS5 hangs up while opening and wont read quicktime files


      Ive been trouble shooting this for days now, and haven't figured out the problem. When I launch CS5 on my iMac quadcore 2.8 i7 it hangs up during launch. Sometimes it got through, but thats usually when i quit the QT32 Server process in the Activity Monitor ... but then it tells me all my video clips cannot be imported — this 'MooV' file is damaged or unsupported. The codecs are simply animation at 1080. I have snow leopard version 10.6.4 and quicktime 10 and 7 both installed. I tried deleting the AE preferences as well. The only plugins I have installed are trapcode 2.1 and Twitch. Most of the time when I open AE by itself it does fine, but if I open any of my old project files, it hangs up while loading, and once i quit the QT32 sever process all my video files (animation codec) are unreadable in AE and say "cannot be imported — this MooV file is damaged or unsupported". Any ideas whatsoever what I should do????? Any help would be great! Thank you!