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    Text-only popup LINK color problems

      Very odd problem. I have many text-only popups in a large multi-webhelp project system. The problem is with text-only popups. The standard for all popup links is a dark green underlined link. No problem - changing the popup link colors (real popups, not just text popups) was easy, either in the default.CSS file or individually - it doesn't matter... the color changes stick for them.

      But there is a problem with popup text. The links on screen are pink. I can change them within robohelp in an open topic, and they also change when I right-click and select Preview Topic. But when I save and generate the webhelp, the result is pink popup text links. I've tried just about everything - I can't even find the hex code for that color anywhere in a js or in the html.

      Help, please.