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    Erratic Capture of DV Footage


      I have submitted a bug report on this, but I'm curious if anyone has any similar issues with capturing.


      This concerns capturing DV footage on a Sony DSR-11 deck. This event footage was originally recorded on Sony DSR-1800 decks using the NTSC DV Widescreen preset. I logged and batch captured 17 clips from a 184 tape, and conformed them to 16:9. The clips ranged from 2 minutes in length to 24 minutes. Of the 17 clips, 13 were recorded on the scratch drive as expected at 720x480. But 4 of the 17 clips were recorded at 1280x480 px dimensions.


      Since the original batch capture, I've tried various means of capturing the same clips -- smaller batches, single clips manually, single clips in to out, and about 20-25% of these attempts result in recorded 1280x480 clips. The obvious other alternative is to recapture the wrong clips, and that works - subject to the 20% wrong statistic.


      Mac Pro, 8-core, 32 GB RAM, OSX 10.6.4.


      Any feedback from PP CS5 users with similar issues or workarounds will be appreciated.




      --Jim Sphar

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          dradeke Adobe Employee

          The DSR-11 was a notoriously finicky deck.  I would see if you could borrow or try to capture on another deck or camera.  The only other suggestions I could offer would be

          • try playing with the deck control settings to see if you get the footage captured the right way
          • do a free-run capture (hit play on the deck) and record on Premiere Pro (no deck control)


          hope this helps,


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            jsphar10 Level 1



            I've been using the DSR-11 for about six years, and yes, it is finicky. It loses in-points, and occasionally fails to capture logged clips, but I've captured countless hours of footage from it, and it has never captured a clip at the wrong size with the offending clip sandwiched by two that were captured at the correct size. PP CS5 capture software is suspect on this one.


            I have fiddled with the control settings a bit with no joy. I have not yet tried to punch in manually, but I will try that.


            Since I have another 3 hours of footage from the same event on a second tape, I'm considering capturing those clips with CS4 to see if I get any errors there. I believe I should be able to import the CS4 clips or project into CS5 for editing.


            Thanks for your suggestions. I appreciate your participation in the forums and your tutorials.


            --Jim Sphar

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              Jim_Simon Level 8
              clips were recorded at 1280x480 px dimensions.


              I would not have thought that even possible using a DV codec.