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    Publish a file to a different directory.

    Justin916 Level 1

      I've seen other questions similar to mine on the forums but haven't found an answer.  My site has a newsletter archive that links to all of our past newslettters.  The newsletters are just html files saved from emails we send out.


      To keep things organized, the newsletters are grouped by year, so all 2010 newsletters are saved in the 2010 directory.  However, when I add the newsletter using the Link to File on My Computer, it adds the newsletter html file to the current directory.


      Is there any way, without using an outside FTP program, to upload the newsletter to the 2010 directory and then link to it from the main newsletter archive page?  I can't use the administer->file placement option because the rule  only applies to this specific upload. This seems like it should be an obvious, simple thing, but I'm stumped.

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          Justin916 Level 1

          Anyone have an answer or even have a link to an answered post that I missed in the forums?

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            Krishna Prasad B V Level 3



                 As of now I do not think this is possible in Contribute. But there can be a work-around.Can you try the following steps:

            When you edit a web page, add the links to the files in your computer.

            Do Publish As New Page (File -> Actions -> Publish As New Page), and select the Folder in which you want to publish your pages to, by clicking the Choose Folder button.

            The web page and all the files from your computer will be published to that folder.

            Now, re-edit the published web page with the links, and Publish As New Page to the original folder in which the web page was present.


            This is a long workaround, where you will be publishing the web page twice. Hope this helps.