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    Opening Livecycle forms in AIR




      I'm trying to write a AIR app that can retrieve processes and tasks from workspace, and once a task is selected, open the associated form. Currently I can retrieve the tasks and have the ability to forward and lock them and such but cannot open the form. I have tried using the TaskForm object and it's 'load()' method but it uses ExternalInterface calls which do not work in AIR.


      By debugging my app, I can dig into the TaskForm load() method call which tries to open the form. It gets a result object from a token which has a form url variable which looks something like this: http://localhost:8080/workspace-server/documents/7833007702090523601-118. I've tried numberous ways to navigate to these url's though and I always get a message saying the requested resource is unavailable.


      It seems like what workspace does to display the form is pass that url to a javascript file through ExternalInterface and creates a container with it and passes it back to the flex app, ie workspace. I can only assume that the url gets decoded in javascript since, as I mentioned before, it gives me an error when I try to navigate to it. I installed firebug to my firefox to be able to monitor what workspace does through javascript to display the form and I can see that the form is contained in an IFrame which has that exact url that I mentioned gives me an error sooooo.....?


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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          Jon Bionda Level 3

          When a task render is requested by a flex app, on the server the document is stored in an http session attribute using the url suffix as the attribute name.  So it will only work if your request is on the same http session as your render request.  I don't know how to solve your problem but that is likely the cause.