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    Flex Builder 3 compile modules with -load-externs

    levancho Level 3
      I see FB3 has module support and when you ad module it has option saying optimize for : where one specifies a application file (but it does not seem to make any difference if optimized is on or off) .

      now my question is following :
      if I compile application with -link-report and then use that report and recompile application with -load-externs pointing to that report file following happens : main application files becomes extremely small same with modules.and app does not work
      I realize it externalizes too much including from main application, (my goal was to only externalize from module, so what I did is saved those small modules and then recompiled without any flag which generated big swf files again and then manual replaced big module files with my saved(small ones) and it seem to work my question is since module support is buit into FB3 already can this process be automated meaning somehow to use -link-report generated file to externalize references from modules only and not from main application file, during compilation?