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    green artifacts in all CS5 products on hdv capture and export emergency


      hi.. I am having a serious issue importing footage from my cannon HV30 to my Win7 64bit laptop running CS5. I am capturing via PP's capture dialogue, which goes fine. However, when I play back the captured files, I get this:green artifact in pp timeline.JPG

      now, before you ask, this footage was just filmed within the last few days, but it is also occuring on HDV tapes i have that I am trying to edit from a wedding a year ago. both import without green artifacts using WMM (i know, last resort), but they instead get a motion artifact that is consistent and annoying, but less destructive than the green artifacting.

      wmm no green but still motion artifacts.JPG


      now, I tried exporting to MPEG-DVD while ignoring the green artifacts in PP using cs5's media encoder, but the green came out still (and even worse, in my opinion).


      I have tried different firewire cables, different tapes, and different programs, to no luck. the camera has been used recently and over a long period of time on macs with no issue..


      i updated my NVIDA graphics drivers with no improvement, and i tried the beta of HDVSplit and still got the glitchy artifacts, but not green. HOWEVER, even this clean footage renders green artifacts when inported into PP!it is notable that even AE is having the same issue with the footage that is not green-infested in windows media player:

      ae same issue.JPG

      oh, and even better! i was just now trying to render out of AE to see if the blocks would discontinue after rendering, and AE crashes!

      ae crash on render.JPG


      Can anyone offer any input besides telling me to reinstal CS3 and test the issue..? Thank you for your help.. I really need to be able to edit this footage asap..