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    Purchasing student edition software


      Hello, I'm a student currently attending a college/university and I am looking at purchasing the Photoshop CS5 extended upgrade software and for discount purposes I am looking at the Student/teacher edition. I was looking at the limitations and what confused me was that it describes a 12 month period. I'm not sure what it exactly means. Does it mean that I am purchasing a product that can only be used for a 12 month period (like an extended trial)? I want to purchase this product and be able to use it for longer than that. Hopefully thats not what It means and I will be able to use this product for a few years through my time in school.


      This is the product I am looking at...


      https://store1.adobe.com/cfusion/store/index.cfm?&store=OLS-EDU#store=OLS-EDU&lo c=en_us&view=ols_prod&category=/Applications/PhotoshopExtendedSTE&categoryOid=45 29549


      Thank you!