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    compile flexunit 4.1 beta 2 source code using flex sdk 3.0?


      when I start the ant build, it stops in the middle without giving any error when it tries to compile using compc at the following point:


      <target name="compile" depends="init">

            <compc output="${bin.loc}/${build.finalName}">

               <include-sources dir="${src.loc}" includes="*" append="true" />

               <source-path path-element="${src.loc}" />

               <compiler.external-library-path dir="${lib.loc}" append="true">

                  <include name="*.swc" />


               <compiler.external-library-path dir="${FLEX_HOME}/frameworks/libs" append="true">

                  <include name="flex.swc" />

                  <include name="framework.swc" />

                  <include name="rpc.swc" />

                  <include name="utilities.swc" />




               <define name="CONFIG::useFlexClasses" value="${build.useFlex}" />




      Please help me resolve this problem.