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    Reconnecting and Duplicates

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      Is there a function in Starter Edition that one can "search for duplicates"? Or, how do I remove them from categories so they are all in a huge pool of images? If I take them out of categories, where do they go? Will they be deleted? I am trying to clean up my photos in Starter Edition so I can backup on a CD and clean my HD. I have many duplicates in categories, and maybe, some just in the photo well view. The files take more space than 2 disks- 1,686 images. I imported them from several different file locations & applications (Sony camera application, Brother and HP image scans of receipts & documents, Photoshop, bluetooth from cell phone, backups on CD's, emails). The import batch seems to give them different dates, so sorting by date scatters the duplicates all over. That was how I realized I have several copies of the same image. It's a MESS, but I don't want to lose them, as I need to find and back them up for a legal issue. I just want to sort them out, get rid of the duplicates, back up the folder, and clean up my HD. Some of them, I can't reset the 'read only'. When I try to reconnect files, the images are blurry, grainy, and the originals are not in the folders of the other apps anymore. If someone can point me to a forum or discussion, that would be great! I couldn't find any answers in the app help or here, so I hope this isn't another duplicate. Thank you for any help.

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          Mark C. Dahm Adobe Employee

          No, unfortunately there is no automatic duplicate detection in Starter Edition (or Photoshop Elements, for that matter).


          Adding photos to categories does NOT remove them from your entire collection. Categories are simply virtual groupings of photos. When you add a photo to a Category, it does NOT disappear from the main photo grid. Your Grid represents all the photos that you've added to the catalog already. If you deleted all your categories, not a single photo would be deleted; just the virtual collection would go away.


          As for the grainy appearance of some photos, those either sound like they are low resolution photos to begin with, or they have been disconnected from the original file. If you move a file around using Windows, then it gets disconnected from Starter Edition, and then it can't find the original file to load and show you higher resolution images. You either have to use the Reconnect Missing Files command, and let it run, or manually point it to the files wherever they are, or you just need to delete the references to them in Starter Edition. Deleting the references in Starter Edition does not delete any files from your hard drive, unless you explicitly tell the program to delete the file (which it would do by moving it to the trash, so if you don't empty your trash, you actually don't delete any files using Starter Edition.


          Hope that helps. There are no shortcuts that I can think of to make the process of de-duplicating your collection less painful than it sounds. Sorry!



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            Thank you, maybe if I can get them all on one page, I can work on this.  Is

            there a way to tell which of the duplicates might be the original?

            Also, how do I shut off this Adobe Updater that keeps wanting me to download

            an update. I have closed it a dozen times in the last hour, even with Task

            Manager ending the process.