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    Simple question regarding trimming and transitions



      As a new Premiere Elements 8 user, I love most aspects of the program.  However, I am perplexed by one, seemingly simple, hangup.  Here we go- I put one video clip into the timeline.  I put another video clip directly behind and place a transition between the two.  It works.  Wonderful.  But let's say I want to clip off the first few seconds of the second clip before adding a transition.  I select the point where I want to split the clip and split it.  When I move the edited clip behind the first clip placed in the timeline, I can no longer place the transition between the two clips, only on the end of the first or the beginning of the second. 


      I apologize in advance, because I am sure this is a silly question.  Thanks!

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          Here is the workflow that you will want.


          Clip A on the Timeline, and Clip B butting up to it. Place Transition between them. Now, you wish to Trim Clip B. Hover the cursor over the Head of Clip B and you will see it change into a [ with an arrow. Click-drag to the right, and you will Trim Clip B, and your Transition will still be there.


          If you did not wish for the Clips to stay butted up, you could press Ctrl, and click-drag on the Head, and you'd loose your Transition, and leave a gap.


          Good luck,




          PS - no question is silly here. All we ever want to do is make editing easy for the users.


          PPS - If you both lost your Transition, and then could not place it, it's very likely that there was, say a 1 Frame gap left, when you Trimmed.


          PPPS - Where are my manners? Welcome to the forum!