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    Needing to create a neg BW image from coloured pictures and art.

    laugle01 Level 1

      I am in need of creating a strong Black and White Image like a negative from colour pictures and art that is sent to me. Using whatever I need to do so... I then will take this BW and print it onto see thru Paper. ( Not quite transparent ) ( Needing to not be able to see light thru the black ) I then put it under a black light. The gamma rays shine thru the white ( which prints clear ) and harden the material underneath that it is sitting on to create the art like a  (Photo Etched piece). My Question...What is the easiest way to do the BW, and get the quickest and best results. ( Whatever way or software ) The black light works great. I just don't want to put to much computer time in keeping the main details of the picture to do things like making keytags, etc. with the art on it. Everything Black does not harden and washes away leaving a relief type look. I make the Art I want to keep White ( See Thru ) the light hardens the material

      AGAIN MY QUESTION IS HOW TO CREATE THE BW ART I NEED FROM COLORED PICTURES and also keeping the main image like a building or face intact. ( Only needing to have the basic look of the building and the face so they are some what recognizable ).. Thanks

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          John Danek Level 4

          The easiest way I can think of is print as Grayscale.  But, this is highly specialized stuff you're talking about.  It may be necessary to Export to Photoshop and convert the artwork to a Grayscale .tiff or .psd.  However, it may be necessary to adjust the contrast in the B+W file in PS using either levels or Curves.  Another option is to creat a 1-Bit Bitmap file that utilizes a halftone screen so that some of the percentages of Black will image in the final process.  Illustrator itself may be limited in delivering what you need to pull this project off.

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            laugle01 Level 1

            I have gone down this avenue. I will try again with all that you mentioned to do, but I don't think it gave me the true BW nor did it capture the proper outline of the picture, etc. Also when i print on plain paper if I do get what I need in any softwares that I have tried it prints black. For my laser printer to accept the paper and print on it I have to tell it transparency. Then it wants to print gray ( where the black is )