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    Zoom effect crunch

      I suspect what I am about to outline is a Flex defect, but I am not sure. If anyone knows I would sure like to hear. If anyone could suggest a workaround, I would sure like to hear that as well.
      I have a VBox. I add a Canvas, and the Canvas has one child, a Label. I add and remove this Canvas from the VBox when the user presses a button. I have two Zoom effects, one for the addedEffect and and one for the removedEffect.
      The Zoom effect to remove the Canvas works perfect. Gets small, goes away. The Zoom effect for the add is visually pleasing, but the Label does not resize properly. The Label gets crunched. Instead of saying: "This test text" it says "This te...". To add insult to injury, when I press the button to remove it a second time, it immediately repaints with the Label correct, and the entire remove Zoom effect is good. "This test text" is displayed getting smaller and smaller. No elipse.
      One other clue, some times the added effect ends with a scroll bar on my Canvas. It scrolls all fo one pixel. The scroll bar also dissappears at the beginning of and during the remove effect.

      Any advise would be GREATLY appreciated.