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    URL Makes No Sense


      I have a media player that loads an XML and image file. The XML file contains references to the file, the song title and the track number.


      The references in the XML to the file were originally relative but since having an issue playing the files I have made them absolute.


      The files are held locally on my laptop and I am running my own localhost server so the path is http://localhost/...


      The code attaching the SWF to the webpage is in the three parts of js, EMBED and OBJECT.


      The connection of which XML file and image to use is done through parameter passing in the URL, such as 'src', 'player/mplayer?music=germany' (for JS), <param name="movie" value="player/mplayer.swf?music=germany" /> (for OBJECT) and src="player/mplayer.swf?music=germany" (for EMBED).


      The XML file loads fine (has been checked via the edbug features within Flash) and the image file loads without issue.


      The music file does not play but loading... appears constantly - which is correct given that the file never starts to play.


      The curious part is that the status bar in Firefox states that it is transferring data from... and then gives a URL; which is the ultimate URL for this website. In fact there is a version of this site already up on the web but there is no connection I can see between my local copy and the remote one.


      I have scanned all the webpages and there is no direct reference to the remote site. I have done the same with the AS2.0 and have the same response. I cannot find a reference to the remote URL anywhere (as you can see, the code given is relative) and I cannot expand the firefox URL so that I can see the full path being transferred from. I cannot find out for the life of me where the web reference is and assume this is why the system refuses to load the track.


      Any ideas anyone?