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    Send As Attachment from web...  The option is gone.


      I recently replaced a machine for one of my users

      and updated him to the latest version of Adobe Reader.  The OS is Windows XP Pro, and he's using both Firefox and Internet Explorer (7).


      Prior to replacing his machine, if he opened a PDF from Internet Explorer (a website may have a link to a PDF on their page), the file would open within the web browser and there would be an icon on the toolbar that loads just above the pdf itself, which allowed him to send as an attachment.  Upon clicking the button, it would lauch his default mail client and attach the pdf.


      Now that the machine has been replaced, this icon on the toolbar is gone, and for the life of me, I can't figure out how to get it back.


      This same lack of send as attachment is apparent from Adobe Reader as well.  (Only the icon is missing, however he can go to File>Attach to Email..., which does work, but can someone also assist me in getting an icon for it in the toolbar as well?  I tried going into the "more tools" in the toolbar options, and it seems every option other than Attach to Email exists as an icon I can add.



      Any help is greatly appreciated.

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          markerline Level 4

          In Adobe Acrobat Pro 9.3 if you right-click while any PDF is open that is not security-blocked  . . . right-click on the empty part of the toolbar that has the yellow "Open File" folder icon and choose "More Tools" then scroll down to "File Toolbar"  you will place a checkmark next to the icon that says simply "Email".  I am thinking that the same procedure would work for Adobe Reader.  Which version of Adobe Reader are you using?

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            markmdz Level 1

            I guess this qualifies as pure stupidity by way of tunnel-vision on my part.  I was so hell-bent on finding "Attach to email" or "Send as Attachment" as I had seen in the past, that I completely overlooked the "EMAIL" button.  Sorry to clutter up the forum with such a painlessly simple question, but thanks so much for the right answer.