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    Cue Points

    Harry Kunz Level 4

      I don't want to use the FLVPlayback component. I just used the netstream and netconnection class to load the flv. Apparently the flv file i have has cue points that are far apart since i cannot do a "seek" by 0.1 second intervals. How do i dynamically add cue points to an flv file at runtime? Or do i need to embed those cue points when encoding the flv?

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          Harry Kunz Level 4

          I tried adding navigation cue points but i still get the same output: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Notice that the left video is SWF and the right video is FLV. When you drag the knob, the SWF goes smoother. Why does the FLV behave choppy? How to make the sliding behave as smooth as the SWF? The navigation cue points i set did not work....