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    Which version of Reader 9 (if any) has the End of File button?


      I sell CDs containing over 100 linked pdf files created in InDesign 4. The CDs also contain version 6 of Reader for navigating the bookmarks and links in the pdf files. The disc contains a Tutorial.pdf file with navigation instructions. These refer to the navigation buttons visible in Reader 6 and make extensive use of the End of File button (green with a white left pointing arrow) as a quick means of getting back to the Start file which is the portal to all the others.. Some owners who have Reader 9 installed say that the End of File button is not displayed on their screen. This has come from owners using XP, Vista and Win 7. Is there a version of Reader 9 for Windows that retains this button, please?

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          What you are referring to is the First Page and Last Page buttons:  "|<"   and ">|" respectively.  These can be found by right-clicking on an empty part of the File toolbar and navigating to "Page Navigation Toolbar" in the More Tools pop-up-window.  They are not check-marked by default which is why they don't display.  The user can turn them on by placing a checkmark next to those icons in the pop-up window for "More Tools"