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    AS3 Components dissappear from stage when viewed in HTML but not in Flash Player app

      I'm really hoping someone can help me here. I've been working on a project for a while now (still very new to AS but I'm getting there) and am supposed to be showing an initial release tomorrow. I have a main app (Application.swf) that contains all the business logic classes. Application.swf then loads Skin.swf which contains all of the GUI widgets & design. The idea is that Skin.swf can be swapped out for Skin2.swf and customized if desired.

      Skin.swf contains 2 AS3 components: ComboBox & DataGrid

      When I test Application.swf the components appear and work fine. When I double click Application.swf and open it in Flash Player.app (standalone flash player from Adobe) the components appear & work fine. When I export to HTML and view Application.swf in a browser page the components are both completely missing. Not that they are present but have no data, they are just completely absent from the stage.

      I can't figure out how this could be the case unless maybe there is a security setting somewhere that's triggered by the .swf running in a browser.

      Any help would be HUGELY appreciated.