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    Distributed form not sending to email on submit button

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      I created a form using LiveCycle Designer 8.2. On the submit button, I have an email address that is not my email address. I want this form to go to a particular email account. When I set up the form to be distributed, it is using my own email address as the email address it will be submitted to. I have had other people submit the form to see if it was maybe my pc, but when they submitted it it came to my own email address.


      I guess my question is how do I get a distributed form to go to the email address on the submit button?

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          ok, so I'm bumping this thread... but I have the same problem in that I'm unbale to alter the email that my PDF form gets sent to. I followed these steps when distributing my form see images






          however, when I did it the first time I had an option to add an email address (image 3), so put my office one in... then later when testing I was getting the emails sent automatically my account and not the one specified on my email button. Now I don't seem to get the option to change/add a different email address like I did in 'image 3' above. It seems that Acrobat is using my office email as a default parameter..


          Can anyone help?


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            rsaTIC Level 1

            I later realised that the Acrobat submit button at the top of the page and my Email button was submitting to my emial address listed in my Preferences (Ctrl+K) "Indentity".


            I have since used the custom button email function as described on this thread. Works a treat but still asked to send to my self at the end...




            Will be interesting to see if I get the forms submitted to me that I don't want.