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    HD RAM preview not playing in realtime through Blackmagic

    James P. Brady Level 1

      I've recently upgraded one of my company's Blackmagic Multibridge Pro NLEs to CS5:



      AE CS5 does not play realtime RAM preview of HD1080 video when displayed through the Blackmagic video output (even as low as 1/8 resolution).



      1.) Lowering resolution (even down to 1/8) does not help.

      2.) Matching scale % to resolution % does not help.

      3.) Doing #s 1-3 in combination gets very close to realtime, but CS4 did not require all of this.

      4.) If I switch AE output to "computer monitor only" I get realtime.

      5.) SD comps played through Blackmagic output achieve realtime.


      In CS4, HD Blackmagic output WAS realtime.  I have made all  memory/multiprocessing settings match the CS4 configuration, but this  has not helped.

      Also, both AE and the Blackmagic driver are the most current version.  I have no desire to revert to CS4... Anyone have any ideas?