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    Scrubbing Bottleneck




      So with an upgraded system I am now pretty capable of editing both R3D files (not full res obviously) and Canon 5D H.264 footage natively in CS5.

      I'm fairly happy with everything, except when scrubbing through a timeline of Canon 5D footage, it's really jumpy. Playback is fine, but scrubbing seems to really struggle, and I can't easily find my way through a number of clips.


      Could you advise as to what the bottleneck in my system is likely to be? I know that it's not a top end system, and I'm certainly lacking RAM, but would that affect scrubbing ability? As I understand it, reading H.264 footage is down to the CPU so is that where I'm struggling? Or is it my hard drive setup? Will I benefit from overclocking and getting the CPU up to around 4Ghz or am I better off spending money on more RAM or more HDDs?

      Any suggestions gratefully received.



      Gigabyte GA-P55-US3L

      Intel i5 750

      4GB DDR3

      EVGA GTX 285 FTW

      Win7 64-Bit

      160GB HDD for OS/Programs

      1TB RAID 0 for Video Footage/Scratch Disks/Pagefile