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    Opening files with no extension

    Mario - Roma

      Adobe Reader is installed on 2 different PCs running Windows XP, PC1 and PC2.

      Both PCs need to open .pdf files with no extension, because an application renames files, let's say "file1pdf", as "file1", without altering the contents.

      On PC1 if I try to open a file, let's say "file1", I see a list of available applications including "Adobe Reader".

      On PC2 if I try to open the same file I don't see "Adobe Reader" in the list of available applications.

      Adobe reader is installed on both PCs.

      How can I add "Adobe Reader" to the list of available applications to open files with no extension on PC2?



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          ARM2705 Adobe Employee

          Click on "Browse" button at the "Open With" dialog and navigate to the location, where acrord32.exe is located. Preferebly, it should be this location "C:\Program Files\Adobe\Reader 9.0\Reader\AcroRd32.exe" unless you have installed at some customized location.  I'm assuming you have installed Reader 9. Once you add Adobe Reader in the open with list, it would continue to appear next time onwards.