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    CS5 Fireworks as crappy as all the CSs... help!


      First, Adobe apps are the only ones to freeze my 16GB, Phenom Black, 64-bit, 6TB, ATI Radeon HD 5970, twin 28" DVIs monitor computer. When Fireworks loads it would give the error 'Your user priviliges do not allow Fireworks to update your registry, Launch edit with Dreamweaver (I am actually trying to launch Fireworks CS5) will NOT work properly until Fireworks is launched while using Administrative privileges'


      There are no users setup on this computer everything I do is as the administrator... I tried to set up one user and give it 'superman's' privileges... it makes not difference.


      I uninstalled CS4 - that made everything worse. I tried Corel Draw it's horrid, I am trapped in 'Ground Hog Day' by Adobe.


      Has anyone had this problem. It also seems to appear that Adobe and Apple are actually sorting out their crabby issues ON MY MACHINE - since iTunes malfunctions if I run and Adobe app first. So I do not use iTunes unless I reboot.


      But can anyone help me with this error - please. Fireworks will not load.


      I thought that Windows 7 Home Premium, the best machine, would prevent any app from hanging the computer - Adobe has found a way to do it - and I have to rebuild, reboot etc. plug out etc.

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          I don't know whether or not you found the solution to your problem but here's what I did:


          1. You said that you're using win7 so this should definitely work

          2. Just right-click on the application file and go into the properties

          3. Click on the "Compatiblity" tab and check the "Run as administrator" checkbox.


          That's it!!!


          However if that doesn't work, you'll have to redo step 2 but instead click on the "Security" tab and change all the permissions (for all users) to "Full control" by clicking the "Edit..." button.


          The point you made about Adobe's CS products is rather pointless though, because it's been over a decade and the only apps that can compete with a program like photoshop are not even worth it. Corel has a steep learning curve with limited (well, not enough) tutorials, Microsoft's Expression Design is crap software compared to GIMP (which was great until CS4) and everything else sucks! The monopoly that Adobe has created for itself is well deserved, especially sice they are always fixing bugs when reported and providing updates almost as much as Microsoft Windows (which becomes annoying but, unlike Windows, is tolerable).

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            xgarth Level 1

            First, thanks much... it works...


            I agree with everything you said except 'monopoly is deserved'. We have lots of institutions that try to prevent a monopoly for obvious reasons. We just have it with Adobe and they are way better than Microsoft but I do believe the bad press created by Apple recently has brought a slew of updates.


            Again, thanks... this really helps...

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              gamincci Level 1

              You're welcome.


              It is true about the reason for the updates (because of Apple), but, Apple is primarily a great maker of physical products (Macintosh, IPod, and so on). Yes, they do make great software as well but, that's still second to a company like Adobe which is (as far as I know) only concerned with software. What I'm trying to say is, I really can't see the reason, other than their customer's satisfaction, why Apple decided to bash (for lack of a better word) Adobe.