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    Uprezzing sd footage to hd?




      I shot a wedding with 2 cameras: Canon XHA1 (HD) and Canon XL2 (SD). I have always worked with SD footage in the past in Adobe premiere Pro products. Now as you have figured out, I need to insert the SD footage into my PP CS5 HDV project. I think if I capture my sd footage in a differenet project with the correct SD settings, and then import the footage in the hdv project, the resolution will be wrong. Can you guys please give me insightful suggestions on what is the best (highest quality) way to up rezz or convert my SD XL2 footage into HD? I just want to make it compatible with my XHA1 project settings with highest quality possible. Is there any feature in the new PP CS5 to do this? or is the technology not there yet that cost me thousands of dollars?


      Thanks and any help would be appreciated.