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    Coldfusion create instance of class from data element when cosuming a webservice

    jb20147 Level 1

      I am calling the following wsdl via cfobject https://services-staging.labcorpsolutions.com/webservice/services/LabcorpOTS/wsdl/LabcorpO TS.wsdl


      I am attempting to call the following method registerDonor(java.lang.String, java.lang.String, com.labcorp.ots.ws.data.CreateRegistrationRequest) which references the CreateRegistrationRequest data element.


      I haven't been successful in creating an instance of the CreateRegistrationRequest class and setting values of its members, as well as the Phone class which is also a data element.


      Any assistance would be greatly appreciated in creating instances of methods located in the targetNamespace="http://data.ws.ots.labcorp.com" of the wsdl.