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    Premiere CS5 slowed down to a crawl


      I recently started a project in CS5 and all was working well. I had a project that was done in CS4 and I wanted to use some sequences from CS4 so I converted it, imported the project into my CS5 project without any problems. I was working fine on a sequence from the old CS4 project.


      Today, I booted up, opened the project and noted that it was loading slow. When I went to open one of the old sequences, it took 5 minutes to come up. When I try to save the project, it's extremely slow going, taking 4-5 munites to save. Any ideas?


      System details:


      I7 extreme CPU

      12GB DDR3 RAM

      500GB system drive

      4 - 1TB working drives

      2 - GTX480 Video Cards

      EVGA 4way SLI Motherboard