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    Rotate arount an arc?


      Is it possible to rotate rectangles around an arc, rather than a circle?  I need the abililty to move the axiz point, which is why I want to use the rotate tool rather than the blend tool.  However the blend tool allows me to rotate using a spline, in this case the arc I want to use.


      The blend tool works fine when I use the "replace spline" command, however my rectangles are aligned in their centers, and I want the rectangles aligned along their bottom edges.


      I can't find any tutorials to help...is this possible?





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          Jacob Bugge MVP & Adobe Community Professional



          You may:


          1) Create the first rectangle,

          2) Move a copy downwards by the height and remove any fill/stroke,

          3) Group 1) and 2) to be used as the start of the blend,

          4) Create a copy of 3) as the end of the blend,

          5) Make the blend from 3) to 4) and replace the spine.