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    PProHeadless.exe eating 8GB (that's EIGHT) of memory?!?

    Colin Brougham Level 6

      OK, I know CS5 is supposed to take advantage of more of the RAM in your system, but this?!?!




      Something is weird, here. This was the result of sending a DL'ed PPro sequence to Encore for transcoding. I mean, I'm glad that the 12GB of RAM in my system is getting a workout, but I'm starting to wonder if this is the reason for the hard system hangs I've been having when trying to export from another project I'm working on. That one is a four-camera multicamera edit, with 2 tracks of DVCPROHD 720/24pN, 1 track of 1080/24pA recorded in OnLocation, and a DL'ed AE comp which contains a Canon HV20 1080/24pF M2T file also recorded in OnLocation (I'm using AE to strip out the pulldown, and create a true 24p clip). I hadn't been watching the Task Manager when exporting that sequence, but I'm thinking I might have found my culprit...


      This can't be right, can it?