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    Moving My Documents to another internal drive

    Peru Bob Adobe Community Professional & MVP

      Windows XP MCE core 2 duo 4GB RAM installed


      I am adding a couple of internal hard drives to change my drive setup as follows:

      (The drive letters may be changed, but I used these for reference here. All SATA drives.)


      C: 500GB - operating system

      D: recovery partition on same disk as C:

      J: 500GB - page file, media cache, scratch disk

      K: 500GB - music

      L: 500GB - My Documents

      M: 2TB - media

      N: 2TB - backups


      The question:


      If I move My Documents from its current location (C:), will it prevent some programs from working properly, since they have folders which were installed in My Documents at the time of the program installation?  For example: Premiere Elements and Premiere Pro have an "Adobe" folder .  Bluff Titler has an "Outerspace Software" folder, etc.