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    nulling styleDeclaration

      Using the DataGrid control, I am setting some the selectionColor directly (once a certain condition is met) via the setStyle function. It looks something like this:
      if(some condition){
      A bit later however, I want to set the 'selectionColor' style back to a default one specified in a CSS file so I decided to simply do the following:
      grid.styleDeclaration = null;

      Currently the grid is in one of the canvases of an AccordionPane, if i go to another pane and then back to the one the DataGrid is in, the selectionColor resets to the CSS default. If i do not hide the grid however, the selection color stays red.
      I tried calling a render event on the grid (i.e. grid.dispatch(new Event("render",false))) but to no avail.
      How do I get the grid to reset its selection color?