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    Unable to Insert  DHTML Effects, Image Maps, inside Header and Footer Templates

      Hi everybody,

      At present i'm generating a HTML Help File using RH6.

      I've created a template and created a table in the Header part and placing an Image in one of the row.

      I've 3 constratins in it:

      1. I'm not able to Insert DHTML Effects for the Images. I need to place the image inside the body text and then give the effects and then paste the same inside the header.

      Why am i not able to give DHTML Effects inside the Header.

      2. The same constraint is for Image Maps. Not able to insert image maps to the images present inside the Headers.. Again i'm doing it in the body text and then pasting the same inside the header.

      3.Once when i pasted the Image (image map inserted in the body text and pasted to the header), in the Header part of the Template, and apply them to the topics, the image map gets disappeared....however it is present in the template (the image map works when i view the template alone)..it is not present in any of the topics...

      Are these bugs(sorry if i've pointed out incorrectly) or is there any another ways to rectify these.