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    Rendering Freezing when composition includes audio

    atominator Level 1

      Ok so i'm making a short "test" movie to try out the lightsaber effect. I render it with lossless without audio and it works fine it renders and is just video.

      When I try to add Audio by checking the audio ouput box the render freezes at frame 1 and when I stop it a window pops up that says that an output module has stopped working it may be missing or corrupted you may need to restart after effects. I restart after effects and the problem persists. I tried exporting the audio seperate by deleting the video layers and rendering as a .wav file. It renders in less than a second and when I listen to the file it is less than a second of nothing. Here is the log of the audio output I can't get one of the audio+video output though. By the way I am using the trial.


      Adobe After Effects v10.0 (Windows 64) render log for project “lightsaber test.aep”

      Rendering started on 7/1/2010 at 2:52:42 PM

        7/1/2010 2:52:42 PM: Starting composition “M2U00200_converted”.

        Render Settings: Best Settings
        Quality: Best
        Resolution: Full
        Size: 720 x 480
        Proxy Use: Use No Proxies
        Effects: All Off
        Disk Cache: Current Settings
        Color Depth: Current Settings
        Frame Blending: On for Checked Layers
        Field Render: Off
        Pulldown: Off
        Motion Blur: On for Checked Layers
        Use OpenGL: Off
        Solos: Current Settings
        Time Span: Work Area
        Start: 0;00;00;00
        End: 0;00;17;01
        Duration: 0;00;17;02
        Frame Rate: 29.97 (comp)
        Guide Layers: All Off
        Skip Existing Files: Off
        Output Module: Lossless
        Output To: C:\Users\Dave\Desktop\M2U00200_converted_1.wav
        Format: WAV
        Output Info: -
        Include: Project Link
        Output Audio: 44.100 kHz / 16 bit / Stereo
        Channels: -
        Depth: -
        Color: -
        Resize: -
        Crop: -
        Final Size: -
        Profile:  -
        Embed Profile: 
        Post-Render Action: None
        didn’t delete empty file “M2U00200_converted_1.wav” because it was larger than expected. (26  ::  170)
        7/1/2010 2:52:46 PM: Finished composition “M2U00200_converted”.


        Total Time Elapsed: 4 Seconds

      Log closed on 7/1/2010 at 2:52:46 PM