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    Adobe Updater


      I am unable to install an Adobe Update. Every time I click on "Install Now" it does not update. I do log in, but the window goes away and nothing happens. The next time I log into my computer, the same installation window comes up.  I wondered if you could help me to uninstall Adobe and reinstall it? (If that would help.)


      My computer is an iMac:   Mac OSX

                                             10.4 Tiger operating system


      I am new to using a Mac and really do need step by step instructions.


      Thank you for your time and attention to this matter!



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          ARM2705 Adobe Employee



          Could you please specify the version of Adobe Reader you have on your machine.

          To do the same:

          ->Launch Adobe Reader

          ->Click on Adobe Reader menu item and then click on 'About' Adobe Reader''


          See the version from splash scren which appears