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    Transferring to a new computer


      I purchased the CS4 suite (hard copy) about 8 months ago and installed it on my desktop PC which runs Vista 32-bit version.


      I recently purchased a laptop (Sony Vaio F Series) and I was a bit concerned that the CS4 suite wouldn't work on this as it is running Windows 7 64-bit version. However, I successfully installed the software and thought all was ok. That was until I tried to run the software and was promptly asked for the licence key again. I have put the key in but it gets rejected (it is a totally legitimate copy purchased through eCostSoftware). 


      Am I only allowed to install the software on one computer? How can I activate the software on my new laptop?



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          CCRick Level 1

          Not an answer but someone else that would like to know this information.


          I've had very bad experience some years ago with Adobe acrobat licensing (my backup copies of the OS 'took up' licenses until the original boot drive was deactivated by Adobe - even though I never installed it on a second machine).


          So I trust Adobe licensing 'promises' - not at all.

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            ProDesignTools MVP & Adobe Community Professional

            Hi Geezer,


            The Creative Suite end-user  license reads:


            the primary user of the Computer  on which the software is installed under Section 2.1 may install a  second copy of the software for his or her exclusive use on either a  portable Computer or a Computer located at his or her home, provided  that the software on the portable or home Computer is not used at the  same time as the Software on the primary Computer.



            Note  the second installation has to be on the same platform (Windows or  Mac).  But if you're unable to activate a second installation, then  perhaps something is somehow taking up that slot.


            Your  post title says "transferring to a new computer" but the text hints at  having the software on both.  If you want to transfer the license from  one machine to the other, that's  fairly straightforward.  But if you want to maintain the software  on both, you'll have to try to figure out what's preventing the second  activation... (perhaps a third or backup installation somewhere? or something like what Rick ran into)

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              GospelGeezer Level 1

              Thanks ProDesign, I appreciate your help.


              I ended up having to call the licencing department at Adobe Customer Support.


              I discovered that my Adobe licence key had been used on two computers and this had used up my quota (2 machines max). I'm not sure where that 2nd computer was (I had only installed it on one!). Nevertheless, the person I spoke to was able to deactivate the key for the two computers, so I could effectively start again.


              Once she had done this the licence key immediately worked on my laptop.